Affiliate Terms

Welcome to our affiliate program! By joining, you agree to follow these simple rules. This agreement explains the partnership between DevDiggers and you (‘Affiliate’).

Registration and Approval

To become an affiliate, just apply. We’ll review it, and if everything looks good, you’ll get access to your affiliate account. If your Affiliate Registration/Application is rejected, you won’t have any legal recourse against us.

Usage of Cookies

We use cookies to keep track of users who visit our store through your affiliate link (or referral link). If your users don’t allow or remove cookies, we won’t be able to follow your affiliate link, and as a result, we won’t be able to pay you.

It’s essential to know that these cookies last for 30 days. If your users check out our marketplace and make a purchase after this time, you won’t qualify for compensation.

Each time a visitor comes from a new referral link then it will replace the old affiliate cookie and the 30 days counter gets reset.

Commission Structure

Total Affiliate EarningsCommissions Per YearRank/Tier/Level

Guidelines for Commission Structure

  1. Each year, payments will be determined based on the affiliate’s rank. The commission percentage specified for each rank will be calculated and paid accordingly.
  2. Affiliates are welcome to join at any time during the year, and their rank will reset to 1 after 12 months from the date of joining the affiliate program.
  3. To qualify for the commissions listed in the table, affiliates must earn a specific amount and achieve a designated rank each year, starting from their entry into the affiliate program. For example, if an affiliate earns $3500 within a year, they will receive a 35% commission and attain a rank of 3. The next year, the rank resets to 1.
  4. Once the affiliate completes a one-year term from the date of joining the affiliate program, they must start again at Level 1.
  5. Each commission has a locking period of 30 days, after which it becomes eligible for withdrawal.
  6. No commission or affiliate money will be provided for refund orders that were previously sold using the affiliates’ referral links.


  1. The applicable method is PayPal and affiliates need to save their PayPal email address.
  2. Once affiliate reaches their threshold of $50 in earnings then they can request for the withdrawal of their commissions’ earnings.
  3. DevDiggers keeps your earnings safe until you require payment. Unless we decide to pay your earnings before, they will be kept safe for you until we get a request for payment from you.
  4. Once you ask for payment, you can expect to get it by the 15th of the month. If the 15th falls on a holiday, you’ll get the payment on the first working day after the holiday. When you request payment, we’ll ask you to enter your accurate details. So, please, double-check that the information you provide is correct. Payments will be made through PayPal, and any fees for the payment will be on your end.
  5. If, for any reason, we can’t pay your earnings, we’ll keep them safe. This includes cases where we don’t have the right payment details or face challenges reaching you with the contact information you provided. Your earnings will also be protected if you ask us to pay someone or an institution, and it’s not possible for any reason, whether due to legal or banking restrictions.
  6. All government taxes will be applied according to the legal framework when redeeming the commission.

Account Termination Guidelines

Certain conditions or situations may lead to the termination or suspension of your affiliate application and status in the program. Therefore, it’s important to consider the following points:

  • Engaging in actions that confuse, deceive, or mislead users or aliases is strictly forbidden.
  • The affiliation process doesn’t allow for any form of takeover or outsourcing. Therefore, claiming to manage your website on behalf of DevDiggers won’t be accepted.
  • Affiliates are only allowed to use DevDiggers’s trademarks, intellectual properties, and domains under explicitly authorized banners and advertisement activities.
  • DevDiggers strictly enforces restrictions on your affiliation if you purchase any domain, keywords, or engage in pay-per-click advertisements using DevDiggers’s trademarks, or use content describing the products without proper permissions or consent statements.
  • Any actions that infringe upon privacy, are considered spam, or involve fraud towards users will not be tolerated.
  • Engaging in any direct or indirect actions that violate the Terms & Conditions of DevDiggers is strictly prohibited.
  • Refrain from link cloaking or hiding and redirecting your audience to our site without their awareness. In other words, users should be aware that they are landing on DevDiggers’s web pages before clicking on the affiliate links.
  • You may use affiliate link shortening only on specific marketing channels like social media.
  • Avoid purchasing our products through your affiliate links.
  • Using affiliate links on sites containing sexually explicit or other violent content is prohibited.
  • Violation of our trademark policy in any manner may result in the termination of your affiliate account.
  • Using copied or plagiarized content to promote products or services is strongly discouraged, and it may lead to negative consequences for both DevDiggers and Google.

NOTE: We want to make it clear that we have full control over the terms and conditions mentioned here. We can change them whenever we think it’s necessary.