10 Most Useful Tools for Blogging, SEO, and Marketing

10 Most Useful Tools for Blogging, SEO, and Marketing

Real-life tools like a spanner or a hammer get a job done most efficiently that would otherwise be almost impossible to complete.

Online tools are of a similar nature. When creating content, you have to ensure that it is well-written and well-optimized.

Similarly, you also have to choose the right marketing medium so that it gets maximum recognition.

So, what is the best way to write, optimize, and market your content? Well, the most effective way to do so is through online tools.

Over the years, online tools have evolved greatly. Now they come with some excellent features that have made content creation and optimization much easier.

List of Tools

In the following, we have prepared a list of the most useful tools for blogging, Search Engine Optimization, and online marketing.

1. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an AI-driven chatbot that can provide answers to almost all possible user queries. It is progressively improving to converse more and more like a human. This tool is especially beneficial for bloggers. Right now, it has around over 100 million users.

But how can such a chatbot be useful for bloggers?

Well, this chatbot is not restricted just to making small talk with users or solving everyday problems. If you give it a topic, ChatGPT is able to write extensive passages about it. Additionally, these passages are very well-written to some extent.


Now to answer the question of how bloggers can utilize this tool. To explain this, let’s suppose that you have to write a blog about “Best Exercises to Reduce Spine Pain.” After performing research on the topic, you start writing about it.

During the writing process, you hit a point where you can’t get any new ideas about what to write next. In this situation, you can use ChatGPT for SEO. Enter the topic into the tool and ask the bot to write about it. The response generated by this bot might give you some new methods or points that you can use in your writing.

In this way, you can come over your writer’s block with the help of this tool in just a few moments.


  • Swift results
  • Maximum personalization
  • Can Sound More Human
  • Free to use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Original idea generator

2. Hemingway

Hemingway is an analytical and editing tool for text. Once the blog is written, writers usually review it to ensure it has no writing flaws or inaccuracies. Hemingway is an online tool that can be used during this reviewing process.


If you copy and paste your blog into this tool, it will show you different metrics that show your content’s readability level. For example, if you get a readability level of 9 or higher, then it means that your blog has some difficult words or complex sentence structures.

Similarly, a readability level of 6 or lower means that almost all types of readers will be able to understand your writing. It also shows the nature of mistakes that you have made in your writing. So, you can’t only just learn about your mistakes but can also fix them.

Some common errors that this tool is able to detect are:

  • Voice of sentences (active and passive)
  • Incorrect use of adverbs or adjectives
  • Sentence structure
  • Unnecessary words

Hemingway editor makes sure that all these writing flaws are immediately discovered and shown to you.


  • Writing flaws explained in detail
  • Replacements suggested
  • No login or sign-up is required
  • Easy to use

3. Prepostseo

Prepostseo is a platform that is loaded with features and tools for helping out bloggers. This platform has different tools for different purposes. Some of its main tools for assisting bloggers are:

  • Grammar Checker
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Paraphrasing tool
  • Article Rewriter

All of these tools perform specific functions. Some of these tools are interconnected, so writers can use them simultaneously to increase productivity levels.


For example, if you think your content might have some unoriginal sections, enter them into the plagiarism-checking tool. Let’s suppose that this tool says your content has a few plagiarized sections. Now, you can enter these unoriginal sections into the paraphrasing tool to change their wording.

After those sections are reworded, the plagiarism percentage will decrease considerably. In this way, you can use multiple tools to solve a writing problem with the help of Prespostseo.


  • Over 95 different tools
  • All tools usable for free
  • AI-powered algorithms
  • Maximum optimization options
  • Functional website

4. Canva

This is the first tool on our list that has applications for improving SEO. Canva is a visual designing app that allows you to make stunning images to be a part of your content. A fitting and relevant image can considerably ameliorate your content.


It has been discovered that design and visual content is the biggest challenge for 23.7% of marketers. If you also struggle with designing images due to the complexity of photo editing software, then Canva is the perfect substitute.

The feature that sets Canva apart from other designing tools is that it has a very simple interface. It might take a little time for you to get used to it, but the learning curve is significantly less than that of other apps.

You can simply choose from thousands of free templates and make minor changes to them to make them relevant to your content. In this way, you can easily improve the engagement rates of your written content by adding compelling visuals to it.

But how does this affect SEO?

If your audience engages more with your content or spends more time on your website, Google will automatically know that your content or site is credible. Consequently, your search results ranking will see a hike. In this way, just by adding a few eye-catching images, you can optimize your work for a search engine.


  • Pre-made templates
  • Free content available
  • Basic interface
  • Download options with different formats

5. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an email newsletter tool that automates the process of sending bulk emails. This tool’s cutting-edge technology attracts new customers every day. Numbers like 800,000 paid customers might make one ponder about what is the reason for this tool’s popularity.


Email marketing is a complex process that involves various techniques, such as audience segmentation. Mailchimp can automate all of these processes. Similarly, this tool can also write professional emails after knowing its topic and nature.

Various Mailchimp strategies can help you generate a large number of conversions. One of these strategies includes tracking customer journeys. 

For example, a user clicks on a link in an email to reach a product page of your company. However, he/she decides not to make a purchase. Mailchimp will inform you about this, and then you can think about what changes can make your product more compelling to the customers.

They offer a free demo version that can help you get a feel for what the tool can do. After that, in order to continue using this tool, you have to subscribe to the paid version. 


  • Detailed reporting
  • Optimizable template editor
  • Integration options and add-ons

6. Coschedule

Coschedule is the second marketing-related platform on our list. It has various tools, such as a marketing calendar, which helps you keep up with your marketing schedule. Similarly, the platform offers a marketing suite tool that automates a few marketing processes.


In addition to providing assistance tools, this platform also provides learning facilities. You can make use of these facilities to improve your marketing strategy. Last but not least, there is also a tool by Coschedule that lets you make head-turning titles to attract higher traffic.

Of all the tools explained above, the marketing calendar is the only one that can be used for free. In order to use the other tools, you will have to purchase the complete package. 


  • Meeting scheduling options
  • Social media scheduling
  • Makes multitasking easier
  • Calendar customization

7. DA PA Checker

DA PA Checker is a tool that calculates domain authority scores for websites. Domain authority and page authority are website SEO performance metrics. They are ranged between 1-100. The most common question about these metrics is: What should my site’s domain authority score be?

A simple answer to this is that the higher, the better.

DA PA Checker

Google might not officially acknowledge this metric, but it still effectively explains your site’s performance. Moz introduced this measure of a site’s performance. Moz has its own domain authority checker. However, the DA PA Checker has one advantage over the official checker.

As mentioned in the first paragraph, DA PA Checker can calculate authority scores for bulk websites. This means you can enter the URL of more than one website in the tool, and it will show you the DA score of all of them side by side.


  • Check up to 5 websites/webpages score at once
  • Instant report
  • Straight-forward working
  • No setup required
  • Other tools (domain age checker, backlink generator) are available

8. Yoast

Yoast is an SEO plugin that helps you with the SEO of WordPress websites. WordPress is a site hosting platform that is used by a large proportion of online businesses. The SEO techniques applied to such sites might differ slightly from the traditional ones.


That’s why Yoast has created a tool that can provide various analytics and tips to improve your site’s visibility in the search engine. There are various methods that this tool uses to make sure your site’s SEO is enhanced.

For example, if you are publishing written content, Yoast will compel you to write simple and understandable words so that your audience is satisfied. In addition to that, other techniques will be implied that will ensure a better performance in search results.

Yoast also has a product that handles the SEO for online Shopify stores.


  • On page optimization 
  • Meta tags optimization
  • SEO recommendations for content
  • Keyword targeting

9. SEMRush

SEMRush is a digital presence management tool that provides valuable SEO insights and analytics. SEMRush has a number of tools for optimizing various aspects of a website to make it rank higher.


You can compare your site’s analytics with your competitors. If you notice that your competitors are performing better than you, then you can look for the flawed sections of your SEO plan. 

Similarly, you can find the best keywords according to the nature of your content with the help of SEMRush. It has over 20 billion keywords in its Magic Keyword Database.

Link Building or backlinks are also an integral part of SEO. This tool also has products for that. You can view analytics about how well your backlinks are performing and make changes to them if necessary.


  • SEO enhancement
  • Social Media management
  • Paid advertisement tools
  • Marketing journey tracking
  • Backlink analysis

10. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a website performance monitoring tool. This tool can accurately inform you how Google sees your website and what you can do to improve your position in search results. According to an online source, using this tool correctly can increase a site’s organic traffic by up to 28%.

Google Search Console

This tool allows you to monitor a number of different website errors that can potentially harm your site—for example, indexing problems and spam. Similarly, the search console can also give you insights about how well your site’s usability on mobile devices is.

Such analytics keep you constantly posted about how you should improve your site. As a result, your site becomes more and more suitable both for your audience and the search engine.


  • Works for both domain and specific URLs.
  • Precise and accurate reporting
  • Website error detection
  • Keyword research options
  • Available for free


One could say that blogging, SEO, and marketing are somewhat related to each other. However, there are separate tools for all of them.

These tools make the respective tasks or processes much easier and simple. These tools bring multiple benefits to the table, such as time efficiency, productivity enhancement, ease of use, and much more.

However, you must keep in mind that these tools can’t just magically improve your work. You will also have to put in effort to squeeze the maximum potential of these tools.

They simply make your blogging, marketing, or SEO processes easier instead of handling it all by themselves.

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