WooCommerce Crowdfunding Plugin Documentation

WooCommerce Crowdfunding

WooCommerce Crowdfunding module allows admin and customers to create events or campaigns to raise money by crowdfunding. It allow multiple shoppers whether registered or guest to contribute in the events.

With this plugin, store owners and customers can create campaigns for new products, projects, or initiatives, and solicit pledges from their customers. The goal of the campaign is to reach a predetermined funding target, and if the target is met, the event owner can use the funds to bring the product, project, or initiative to market.

Another benefit of using the WooCommerce Crowdfunding plugin is that it can help store owners to build a community of supporters around their products, projects, or initiatives. By engaging customers and supporters, store owners can increase customer engagement, build brand loyalty, and generate positive word-of-mouth. Additionally, by offering rewards for backers, store owners can incentivize customers to spread the word about their campaigns, which can help to increase support and reach their funding goals.

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Installation of WooCommerce Crowdfunding

The customer has to login at admin end in WordPress and in the menu section, he has to hover his mouse over the Plugins menu which brings out a submenu, then click on the Add New submenu.

Add new plugin

Then he needs to click on the Upload Plugin button to upload the plugin zip file.

Upload new plugin

After clicking Upload Plugin button, you will be able to see the below image. Then click on Choose File button to browse the plugin.

Add WooCommerce Crowdfunding plugin zip

Then, when you select the WooCommerce Crowdfunding plugin zip, your selected zip appears here. Then finally click on Install Now button to install the WooCommerce Crowdfunding plugin.

Install WooCommerce Crowdfunding plugin

After installing the plugin, click on Activate Plugin to activate the WooCommerce Crowdfunding plugin.

Activate WooCommerce Crowdfunding plugin

Admin End – WooCommerce Crowdfunding

Now click on Configuration to visit the configuration page of the plugin or you can also hovers on Crowdfunding admin menu, he/she is able to see several submenus. Click on the Configuration submenu to visit the configuration page.

Configuration click from plugins page
Configuration hover from plugins menu

Configuration – WooCommerce Crowdfunding

WooCommerce Crowdfunding configuration page

Activate License

Here, You need to enter the purchase code to activate your license in order to use this plugin.


Admin can enable/disable the module functionalities for the customers.

Enable Event Creation from My Accounts Page

Admin can enable/disable the event creation from my accounts page so other users can create events as well to raise funds then can withdraw the collected money.

Excluded User Roles

Here, Admin can select the user roles from here which gets excluded to create events from my accounts page.

Event Add to Cart Button Label

Admin can set the label of the add to cart button for the event products.

Enabled Payment Gateways for Event Contribution

Admin can enable the payment gateways which can be used to contribute for the event.

Withdrawal Charges Fee Type

Admin can set the withdrawal charges type either fixed or percentage for the user created events’ raised amount withdrawal.

Withdrawal Charges Fee Amount

Admin can set the withdrawal charges to be charged to users in withdrawing events’ raised amount.

My Account Menu – Endpoint

Here, Admin can set the endpoint of the custom menu on my account page by which users can create events.

My Account Menu – Endpoint Title

Here, Admin can set the title of the endpoint of the menu on my accounts page.

My Account Menu – Enable Sidebar Widgets

Here, Admin can enable/disable the sidebar widgets on the custom menu on the my accounts page.

Events – WooCommerce Crowdfunding

From this submenu, admin can view the list of all created events and all its related details.

WooCommerce Crowdfunding events list menu

Add Event/Campaign

From this page, admin can create an event to raise funds. Contribution type can either be fixed or dynamic. In fixed contribution type, all users can contribute with the fixed amount whether in dynamic contribution type, all users can contribute with any amount and the set contribution amount works as the minimum contribution amount. Event will get ended after raising the target amount or on the end date.

WooCommerce Crowdfunding add event page

Orders – WooCommerce Crowdfunding

From this submenu, admin can view the list of all orders generated for the event contributions.

WooCommerce Crowdfunding orders list menu

Email Template – WooCommerce Crowdfunding

Email template is given for all the crowdfunding related email notifications.

WooCommerce Crowdfunding email template

Front End – WooCommerce Crowdfunding

Events list – My Accounts Menu

Customers will find the custom menu created from the backend on the my accounts page which displays the list of all created events or campaigns by the user. From this page, user can create events, view the list of contributors, edit or delete event and request for the withdrawal once the event gets over.

WooCommerce Crowdfunding my accounts page events list

Add Event/Campaign

From here, user can create an event to raise funds and can enter his/her withdrawal method to receive collected amount.

WooCommerce Crowdfunding my accounts page add event


WooCommerce Crowdfunding my accounts page contributors

Fixed Contribution Crowdfunding Event

In this event, all users can contribute with the fixed set contribution amount.

WooCommerce Crowdfunding fixed contribution type

Dynamic Contribution Crowdfunding Event

In this event, all users can contribute with any amount they want. Set contribution amount will be used as the minimum contribution amount.

WooCommerce Crowdfunding dynamic contribution type

Combine it with our WooCommerce Product Share For Discounts plugin

You can use this plugin in order to share the event on various social platforms and via mail to other users as well.

Social Share

WooCommerce Crowdfunding social share

Share via Mail

WooCommerce Crowdfunding share via mail

Contribution Completed Email

When contribution is done from the user end, then admin needs to set the order status completed then the event creator will get the email notification for the same.

WooCommerce Crowdfunding contribution completed email

Request for Withdrawal

When event or campaign is ended and there is some amount raised then creator can request for the withdrawal so admin can process it.

WooCommerce Crowdfunding request for withdrawal

Creator Email Notification for Requesting Withdrawal

WooCommerce Crowdfunding withdrawal requested email

Admin Email Notification for new Withdrawal Request

WooCommerce Crowdfunding new withdrawal request email

Withdrawal Request at the Backend

When any creator requests for withdrawal then admin needs to process it manually on the given withdrawal method then can mark that withdrawal request as paid or cancel from the backend to inform the creator via mail. If cancelled due to some reason, then creator can re-request the withdrawal on any different method.

WooCommerce Crowdfunding new withdrawal request

Creator Withdrawal Completed Email

WooCommerce Crowdfunding withdrawal request completion email

Multilingual – WooCommerce Crowdfunding

Admin can use .pot file which is provided within the plugin in the i18n folder from which they can translate the plugin.


If you have any questions or queries or need assistance for our WooCommerce extensions or need any special customizing, you can connect with us from our contact page or can mail us at support@devdiggers.com. We will do our best to answer as quickly as possible.

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