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WooCommerce Pre Order | Pre Booking | Pre Release Purchase

WooCommerce PreOrder plugin is a powerful tool that allows e-commerce store owners to offer pre-orders for products that have not yet been released. This is a great way to generate excitement and interest in a new product, as well as allowing customers to secure their place in line for when the product becomes available.

With this plugin, store owners can set up pre-orders for any product in their store, including both simple and variable products. The pre-order process is simple and straightforward for customers, who can place their order in advance and have it shipped as soon as it becomes available.

The WooCommerce PreOrder plugin integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, making it easy for store owners to manage pre-orders from within their existing store. The plugin also includes a range of customization options, allowing store owners to set the pre-order availability date, display a countdown, functionality to pay partially or fully and much more.

One of the key benefits of the WooCommerce PreOrder plugin is the ability to generate sales and revenue before a product is actually available. This allows store owners to secure a steady stream of income while they prepare for the product launch. Additionally, offering pre-orders can help store owners gauge demand for a product, allowing them to adjust production accordingly.

Another benefit of the WooCommerce PreOrder plugin is the ability to build buzz and excitement around a new product. By allowing customers to place a pre-order, store owners can create a sense of anticipation and get customers talking about their brand. This can help drive more traffic to the store, as well as increasing the chances of the product becoming a best-seller.

Overall, the WooCommerce PreOrder plugin is a valuable tool for any e-commerce store owner looking to maximize sales and revenue for new products. With its user-friendly interface, flexible customization options, and integration with WooCommerce, this plugin provides a simple and effective solution for businesses looking to take advantage of the pre-order trend.

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Installation of WooCommerce PreOrder

In the menu section at the admin end in WordPress, he has to hover his mouse over the Plugins menu which brings out a submenu, then click on the Add New submenu.

Add new plugin

Then he needs to click on the Upload Plugin button to upload the plugin zip file.

Upload new plugin

After clicking the Upload Plugin button, you will be able to see the below image. After that, click on the Choose File button to browse the plugin.

Choose zip

Then, when you select the WooCommerce PreOrder plugin zip, your selected zip appears here. Then finally click on the Install Now button to install the WooCommerce PreOrder plugin.

Install plugin

After installing the plugin, click on Activate Plugin to activate the WooCommerce PreOrder plugin.

Activate plugin

Permalinks – WooCommerce PreOrder

Here, Admin needs to flush the permalinks by navigating on Settings>Permalinks. Then, the admin needs to save the Post name permalinks.

Permalinks Flush

Admin End – WooCommerce PreOrder

Now click on Configuration to visit the configuration page of the WooCommerce PreOrder plugin or you can also hover on the WooCommerce PreOrder admin menu, he/she is able to see 3 submenus i.e. Products, Orders, and Configuration. Click on the Configuration to visit the configuration page.

WooCommerce PreOrder Configuration click
WooCommerce PreOrder menu hover for configuration

Then Admin can see the configuration page.

WooCommerce PreOrder configuration page

Activate License

Here, You need to enter the purchase code to activate your license in order to use this plugin.


Admin can enable/disable the module functionalities for the customers.

PreOrder Button Text

Here, Admin can set the PreOrder button text which will be shown to the customers while preordering any products.

Automatically Set Available

Here, Admin can enable/disable this functionality to automatically set available for the preorder products on their availability date.

Automatically Send Mails

Here, Admin can enable/disable this functionality to automatically send availability mails to the users who have purchased preorder products after they become available.

Shipping in PreOrder

Here, Admin can enable/disable the shipping for preorder products. If enabled, then shipping charges will be taken while purchasing preorder products otherwise shipping charges will be taken while completing the preorder after the product becomes available.

Enabled Payment Gateways

Here, Admin can restrict the payment gateways which will be used for purchasing preorder products.

Template Shortcode

Admin can set the shortcode for the preorder template in order to use it on the single product pages.

Products – WooCommerce PreOrder

On visiting the Products submenu, Admin will see the products list in which he can see the multiple information of the preorder products such as Product Name, Product Type, Original Price, PreOrder Price, Stock, Total Ordered Quantity, Availability Date, Availability, and Status. Admin can also perform some manual actions from bulk actions here like Delete, Send Availability Mail, Set Available, and Set Not Available.

WooCommerce PreOrder - Products list

Add PreOrder Product

On clicking Add button, admin can add the PreOrder products.

WooCommerce PreOrder - Add PreOrder Product


Here, Admin needs to select the either in-stock or out of stock product for which he/she needs to add in PreOrder.


This is the stock for the PreOrder product. Leave empty for infinite stocks.

Payment Method

The payment method can either be Partial or Complete. If partial is chosen here then the customer needs to pay the remaining price while completing the PreOrder and if complete is chosen, then the customer needs to pay the full product price while preordering that product.

Product Price

This field displays the original product price.

PreOrder Price

Here, Admin can enter the price if partial payment is selected above otherwise the same product price will be taken in complete payment.

Availability Date

Here, Admin set the availability date for the preorder product.


Here, Admin can show/hide the countdown for the preorder product.

Countdown Style

Here, Admin set any given style for the countdown for the preorder product.


Here, Admin can set the status of the preorder product either enabled or disabled.

Orders – WooCommerce PreOrder

On visiting the Orders submenu, Admin can view the list of preorders with the respective customer and the remaining payment details.

WooCommerce PreOrder - Orders menu

WooCommerce Email Template

Admin can configure Email Templates for the PreOrder related mails which are going to deliver to customers.

WooCommerce PreOrder Email Template

Customer End – WooCommerce PreOrder

On visiting the shop page, customers will be able to see the preorder products.

WooCommerce PreOrder - Shop page

After clicking on the PreOrder button for any preorder products, customers will get redirected to the single product page from which they can see the following info for the preorder product.

WooCommerce PreOrder - Single Product Page

After clicking on the PreOrder button from the single product page, the product will get added to the cart. Customers can only add preorder products or non-preorder products at a time in the cart. After purchasing

WooCommerce PreOrder - Cart Page

After purchasing the preorder product. Customers will also receive the following preorder email with order email.

WooCommerce PreOrder - Order Mail

Now, Admin verifies the payment and set the status of this order as completed. Then, Admin can manually set this product as available by navigating in backend WooCommerce PreOrder>Products. From here, admin needs to select the preorder product and choose the Set Available option from the bulk actions and click on Apply button.

WooCommerce PreOrder - Set Available Manually

After this process completed, the admin can see the successful message and the changes. Now, this preorder product becomes Available and its preorder status is set to Disabled.

WooCommerce PreOrder - Set Available Manually Done

Customers will also receive the availability mail for this preorder product so they can complete the order now to get the product.

WooCommerce PreOrder - Availability Mail

Now, customer can check their preorders by visiting My PreOrders menu on the My Account page.

WooCommerce PreOrder - My PreOrders menu

If the order is completed and the preorder product becomes available, customers can view the order and they found the Complete PreOrder button below to complete the preorder.

WooCommerce PreOrder - Complete PreOrder

After clicking on this button, preorder product will get added to the cart with the remaining amount and the same quantity for which they’ve preordered so the customer can complete the order to get this product now.

complete preorder cart WooCommerce PreOrder Plugin Documentation

Customers can also purchase the product from the Single Product Page when it becomes available. Here, stocks will be reserved for the users who have purchased the preorder so someone else cannot purchase them.

WooCommerce PreOrder - Reserved Stocks

Non-Registered Customers – WooCommerce PreOrder

Non registered customers or guest users will able to see the PreOrder data for the PreOrder product but not able to purchase it until they login.

WooCommerce PreOrder - Guest Users

Multilingual – WooCommerce PreOrder

Admin can use .pot file which is provided within the plugin zip in the languages folder by which they can translate the plugin.


If you have any questions or queries or need assistance for our WooCommerce extensions or need any special customizing, you can connect with us from our contact page or can mail us at support@devdiggers.com. We will do our best to answer as quickly as possible.

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