25 thoughts on “WooCommerce Wallet Management – An All in One Complete Solution

  1. Brunatán Reinar Cielo says:

    Hola quisiera comprar pero necesito saber si puedo ponerla en español, dado que mis clientes hablan español y no hablan ingles.

  2. Varun says:

    I want to use it I am having concern about cash back. If customer received a cash back from the order and when he cancels the order does this plugin remove the cash back received by the customer?

  3. Charlie says:

    Hi, Just check if this Woocommerce Wallet plugin might suit my E commerce website.
    1. May I know the Woocommerce Wallet plugin allows me to set the fixed amount money (For example 88 dollar and 160 dollar) that only allow my customer to top up?
    2. Can Woocommerce Wallet plugin allow me to set the discount with different package they top up?( For example allowing me to set if they top up 88 dollar they can enjoy a 10% discount with every item they purchase from my website, other than that, they enjoy 20% when they top up 160 dollar to the wallet.)
    Thanks for your time, hope you can see my message and reply to me as soon as possible.

    • DevDiggers says:

      Thanks for showing interest in our plugin. Kindly find our answers to your queries below.
      1. No, right now you can only set the maximum top up amount for the customers but we can add this feature through customization.
      2. Yes, you can add the cashback rules for that and customers will get the cashback in the wallet on successful top up.

  4. vijay says:

    in my checkout page if the user wants to use the wallet balance then i want the user to pay certain percentage from wallet and can pay the rest by COD or payment gateway. please suggest me.

    • DevDiggers says:

      For now, you can set the max fixed debit amount from the wallet configuration and if you want to set it as percentage then we can do this through customization.

  5. LFK says:

    Hi, I am considering purchasing this plugin. I’ve seen that the cashback can be activated on purchase and topup, but I don’t see if it can be applied also on fund transfers between users. 
    Then another question about fee charges for withdrawals: is it possible or do you plan to differentiate them based on the payment method chosen? For example: bank transfer fee of € 0,90, PayPal free.

  6. Manuel says:

    Hello, i just want to know this widthrawal percentage it will go directly to admin balance? And how can i widthraw that..

    • DevDiggers says:

      No, withdrawal charges will be deducted from the customer’s wallet and as it is a virtual money so there is no need to credit it in admin’s wallet. Admin already received the actual money when customer had topup their wallet using actual money.

    • DevDiggers says:

      If customer is paying from his wallet then the order amount gets debit from customer’s wallet and admin didn’t receive anything that time. But, when customer so top-up his wallet for using it on your store then he need to pay the amount with any other payment gateway like PayPal so then the amount directly comes to your PayPal account.
      For ex – Customer top-up his wallet with $100 using PayPal then admin gets $100 in his PayPal account.
      Then, when customer place an order of amount $100 using his wallet then it just gets debited from his wallet because admin already received it when he has done his top-up. Now, customer’s wallet balance will be 0 and he needs to do the top-up again.
      Hope you understand now.

  7. Kindzeka says:

    1) can there be automatical triggers as per periods like date and time in the wallet?lets say admin set auto wallet top up, fund-reqest on user to another or sets or all user to another (roles), within a specific time?

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