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The WooCommerce Waitlist plugin is a powerful addition to any WooCommerce store, designed to capture customer interest and boost sales for out-of-stock or upcoming products. By allowing customers to sign up for a waitlist, store owners can gauge demand and manage inventory more effectively, ensuring that popular products are restocked promptly.

This plugin enhances the customer experience by notifying them when items become available and provides valuable insights into which shoppers most desire products.

Integrating seamlessly with WooCommerce, this plugin is designed with ease of use and functionality. Store owners can effortlessly monitor product demand thanks to a straightforward interface that displays waitlist sign-ups directly in the WooCommerce dashboard.

This insight is invaluable for planning inventory restocks based on customer interest, ensuring popular items are quickly back on the shelves.

Customization options are abundant, allowing for the waitlist button and notification emails to be tailored to fit the look and feel of your store, providing a consistent brand experience. For customers, the process is simple and user-friendly. With just a click and an email address, they’re added to the waitlist for their desired product and notified when it becomes available again.

By bridging the gap between supply and demand, the WooCommerce Waitlist plugin enhances the shopping experience and supports store owners in maximizing their sales potential and customer satisfaction.

Admin End of the WooCommerce Waitlist Plugin


Configuration page

Activate License

Enter the purchase code and email to activate your license to use this plugin.


You can turn functionalities on or off for customers.

Join Button Text

For out-of-stock products, the admin can alter the text on the join waiting list button for customers on a specific product page.

Automatically Send Mails

Here, the admin can allow or prevent the option to automatically send emails to waiting list users when the product stock is updated to in stock.

Excluded Products

Here, the admin can pick numerous products for which customers cannot join the waiting list.

Template Shortcode

Admin can enter the shortcode for the join waiting list form template for individual product pages.


Much information regarding the products buyers have placed on the waiting list is available. The admin can View Users, Send Mail, and Delete the Waiting List from the actions column. The list of users who have joined the product’s waiting list is displayed below to the admin when they click View Users.

Products having waiting list


Here, the admin can manually add an email to the list. The admin can verify whether the email address is linked to his store. When a consumer joins a waiting list for any product, the admin can also view that.

The admin can also manually carry out specific tasks from the list, such as sending emails or removing users. The admin can also use bulk actions to streamline these processes and save time.

Users in waiting list

WooCommerce Email Template

Email templates are customizable by the admin for the customer-delivered Waiting List notifications.

Email template

Registered Customers’ End in the WooCommerce Waitlist Plugin

When a product is out of stock, registered customers can join the waiting list by clicking the button in the image below. They will be notified as soon as the product is back in stock.

Join waiting list for registered customers

Customers will receive a success message and information on the product page indicating that they have already joined the waiting list after joining.

Joined waiting list

My Account Page

Customers can view their waiting list by selecting the My Waiting List menu from the My Account page. Customers who have joined the waiting list for a product can check its stock status here. On this website, customers can stay out of the waiting list.

Access to My Waiting List menu on the My account page

Unregistered Customers’ End in the WooCommerce Waitlist Plugin

Customers who have not registered will be able to see the button featuring the email box, where customers may sign up for the waiting list and receive information when the product becomes available by entering their email address.

Join waiting list for guest or unregistered users.


If a customer has joined the waiting list for a product, they will receive the following email when it becomes available in the store.

Customer email notification for waitlist


The WooCommerce Waitlist plugin is loaded with helpful features to assist you in managing your online store easier. Here’s a breakdown of what it offers:

  • Waitlist Management: Keep track of customers waiting for products that are out of stock or have not yet been released. They can sign up to get notified when the item is available again.
  • Pre-sale List: Let customers join a pre-sale list for upcoming products, giving them early access so they don’t miss out.
  • Back In Stock Notifications: Automatically email customers when a product they were waiting for is back in stock, helping boost sales and keep them happy.
  • Easy Integration: It works seamlessly with WooCommerce, the popular eCommerce platform, making it simple for you to use.
  • Customizable Notifications: You can customize the emails to match your brand and ensure they’re sent at the right time to engage customers.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Get insights into what your customers want and how they behave so you can make smarter decisions about what to stock and how to market.
  • Reliable Performance: It can handle lots of traffic and notifications without any issues, so you don’t have to worry about slowing down your site.
  • Regular Updates and Support: You’ll get updates to keep the plugin working smoothly with the latest WooCommerce versions, plus support if you need help.

In short, the WooCommerce Waitlist plugin is a great tool for keeping track of inventory, keeping customers informed, and boosting sales in your online store.

Why Choose It?

You should choose our WooCommerce Waitlist plugin for your online store for many great reasons.

Firstly, it’s super easy to use because it works seamlessly with WooCommerce, the most popular eCommerce platform. You don’t need special skills to set it up or use it, saving you time and hassle. Our plugin has a simple interface that lets you manage waiting lists and notifications without fuss.

Moreover, our plugin allows you to customize how your notifications look and when they’re sent out. You can ensure they match your brand and reach customers at the perfect time. You’ll also get access to handy analytics showing how your customers behave, helping you make smarter decisions about your inventory and pricing.

And don’t worry about our plugin slowing down your site or crashing when things get busy. We’ve designed it to handle traffic and notifications without hiccups. We’re constantly updating and improving it to ensure it works smoothly with the latest WooCommerce updates.

Our products fulfill WordPress standard requirements, including security, quality, performance, and modern coding standards. For this, Envato presented us with the WP Requirements Compliant Badge for our CodeCanyon Portfolio.


Absolutely! with the pre-sale list feature, customers can sign up to be notified about products that are not yet available for purchase. This functionality helps generate anticipation and ensures that interested customers are informed as soon as the product becomes available.

Managing waitlists and pre-sale subscribers is effortless with the plugin's user-friendly interface. From your WordPress dashboard, you can view, send manual notifications, and even segment your audience for targeted marketing campaigns.

Yes, customers can unsubscribe from the waitlist or pre-sale notifications anytime from their dashboard.

There are no limitations on the number of products customers can waitlist or pre-order. Customers can subscribe to notifications for multiple products simultaneously, allowing them to stay informed about all the items they're interested in purchasing.

Waitlist and pre-sale notifications are sent to subscribers promptly when the product becomes available or the pre-sale period begins. The plugin guarantees that notifications are delivered on time to keep customers informed and engaged, which increases the likelihood of successful conversions.


Version 1.2.0
Added compatibility with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce.
Added shortcode for the join waiting list form template to use it on the single product pages.
Resolved other security issues.
Version 1.1.0
Added compatibility with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce.
Added support for variation swatch plugins.
Resolved other security issues.
Version 1.0.1
Added compatibility with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce.
Updated license API.
Resolved security issues.
Version 1.0.0
Initial Release

6 reviews for WooCommerce Waitlist | Pre-sale List | Back In Stock Notifier

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    I can’t even begin to describe how fast and efficient the support was. We received responses in less than 3 minutes each time, which was even quicker than the time it took us to reply.

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    Super fast technical support (within 5 minutes) TOP! They are highly capable and fast programmers. Rated 10+. Fantastic!

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    Encountered an issue during installation. Contacted the support service and within 30 minutes, my problem was resolved. I highly recommend this developer and plugin to everyone.


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    The coding is perfect and the support is excellent. It’s definitely a 5-star work.

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    I encountered a few issues, but the support I received was excellent. They were very responsive and helpful.

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    Great customer support! Their team is always helpful, responsive, and goes above and beyond.

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