WordPress Content to PDF module converts your content of any posts or pages into PDF. It will help your blogging site to increase traffic as users can download your blog PDF to view it offline too.

Admin can configure the module functionality as he wants such as he can enable it for guest users, allow the user roles and can also allow the post types for the content to convert into PDF.

Features of WordPress Content to PDF

  • Admin can enable/disable the module from the back-end settings.
  • This plugin will let you and your visitors to download the PDF for your posts and pages.
  • Increase the number of traffic on your site.
  • Users can download the blog or page PDF to view it for offline too.
  • Users are able to print the generated PDF.
  • Admin can enter the button label for the Generate PDF button.
  • Admin can allow the user roles for which he wants to add the pdf functionality.
  • Users can perform several operations on the generated PDF such as delete any content, image, etc.
  • Users can change the text or image size within the generated PDF.
  • Undo and Redo functionality is also there for the modification in generated PDF.
  • Admin can allow the functionality for the selected post types.
  • Guest/Unregistered users can also use this functionality if allowed by Admin from plugin back-end settings.
  • Multilingual is also supported with the given .pot file in the plugin.

Why choose our plugin?

All our products are meeting the WordPress quality standards including security, quality, performance and modern coding standards. For this, We are also awarded with WP Requirements Compliant Badge by Envato for our CodeCanyon Profile.

Installation of WordPress Content to PDF plugin

The customer has to login at admin end in WordPress and in the menu section, he has to hover his mouse over the Plugins menu which brings out a submenu, then click on the Add New submenu.

Add new plugin

Then he needs to click on the Upload Plugin button to upload the WordPress Content to PDF plugin zip file.

Upload new plugin

After clicking Upload Plugin button, you will be able to see the below image. Then click on Choose File button to browse the plugin.

Add WordPress Content to PDF plugin zip

Then, when you select the WordPress Content to PDF plugin zip, your selected zip appears here. Then finally click on Install Now button to install the plugin.

Install WordPress Content to PDF zip

After installing the plugin, click on Activate Plugin to activate the WordPress Content to PDF plugin.

Activate WordPress Content to PDF plugin

Admin End – WordPress Content to PDF

Now click on Configuration to visit the configuration page of the plugin or you can also click on Content to PDF admin menu to visit the configuration page.

Configuration click from plugins page

Then Admin can see the configuration page.

WordPress Content to PDF configuration page

Activate License

Here, You need to enter the purchase code to activate your license in order to use this plugin.


Admin can enable/disable the functionalities for the users.

Enable PDF funtionality for guest/unregistered users:

Here, Admin can enable/disable the PDF functionality for guest or unregistered users.

Button Label:

Here, Admin can set the button label which will be visible on PDF button at front end. Default value is Generate PDF.

Allowed for User Roles:

Admin can select the user roles here for which he wants to add the PDF functionality at front end.

Allowed for Post Types:

Admin can select the post types here for which he wants to add the PDF functionality at front end.

Front End – Converting your Content into PDF

In front end, users are able to see this icon along with the blog or page content.

Generate PDF icon

After hovering over this icon, they’ll able to see the Generate PDF button

Generate PDF button

After clicking this button, a PDF get generated for the current content on a blog or page.

Content to PDF generation

From this generate PDF, users can perform several operations to modify the content of the PDF.

  • Delete any content from the PDF.
  • Change the text size.
  • Change the image size
  • Undo any modification done by mistake.
  • Redo any modification which gets undone by mistake.
  • Directly print the PDF.
  • Download the PDF.
  • Close the generated PDF view.

Multilingual – WordPress Content to PDF

Admin can use .pot file which is provided within the plugin in the languages folder from which they can translate the plugin.


If you have any questions/queries with the plugin or need any special customizing, please contact us at [email protected]. We will do our best to answer as quickly as possible.

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