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Entering the online retail world means aiming for a smooth shopping journey, and a crucial part of that is making sure customers can easily track their orders. That’s where the WooCommerce Order Tracker plugin steps in, making the customer experience top-notch within WooCommerce-based stores and ensuring everyone knows what’s happening with their orders.

This handy plugin works seamlessly with WooCommerce, a big name in online selling. Its main job? Giving sellers and buyers a clear picture of their orders in real-time. No more guesswork – this plugin lets users easily track their orders, bringing transparency and building trust.

But here’s the cool part: the WooCommerce Order Tracker continues beyond tracking. It adds a visual touch with a progress bar. This simple tool acts like a virtual guide, walking customers through each order step, from confirming it and checking payment to the final shipping and delivery steps. It’s like a map for your package’s journey.

And the cherry on top, you can make the progress bar match your store’s style. Choose colours that accompany your brand, keeping everything looking sharp and on-brand.

The WooCommerce Order Progress Bar plugin has become a must-have for online stores in a world where happy customers come from smooth online shopping. Dive in with us as we explore the features, perks, and how this plugin can turn your online shop into a customer-friendly paradise. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to an easy-to-use order tracking system that lets your customers take control of their shopping adventure.

Admin End of the WooCommerce Order Progress Bar Plugin


Configuration page

Activate License

To use this plugin, enter the purchase code and email to activate your license.


The store owner can enable/disable module functionalities for clients.

Configure Order Status

Admin can set the success and fail statuses for orders. Admin can choose between default and custom order statuses here. The top order status will appear first in the progress bar.

View Order Page

Admin can choose the position where the order status progress bar will appear on the view order page.

Order Received Page

Admin can define the position where the order status progress bar will appear on the order received page.

Success Color

Admin can change the color of the progress bar based on successful order statuses.

Failed Color

Here, the admin can change the color of the progress bar with failed order statuses.

Customer End of the WooCommerce Order Progress Bar Plugin

An order progress bar will be provided on the view order and order received pages to keep the consumer updated on their order status.

View Order Page

Success Order Progress Bar

Success progress bar

Failed Order Progress Bar

Failed progress bar

Order Received Page

Order received page


The WooCommerce Order Progress Bar packs some cool features to make tracking orders super easy for your online store:

  • Real-Time Order Tracking: Keep customers informed with real-time tracking from order confirmation to delivery – no surprises, just clear updates.
  • Intuitive Visual Representation: Picture a simple progress bar guiding customers through each step of the order. It’s like a visual map that makes tracking a breeze and adds a nice touch to the shopping experience.
  • Customization Options: Make the progress bar match your brand by picking colors that fit your store’s style. This way, everything looks neat and in sync.
  • Enhanced Transparency: Say goodbye to confusion. The progress bar gives customers a clear picture of where their order is, building trust and smoothing the shopping journey.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlining the order-tracking process saves time and energy. The plugin reduces customers’ questions, letting you focus on other essential aspects of your business.
  • Seamless Integration with WooCommerce: Explicitly designed for WooCommerce, this plugin smoothly fits into the platform, ensuring it works well for sellers and buyers.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Built to be simple, the plugin is user-friendly for customers with all levels of technical know-how. Everyone can use it without a hitch.
  • Positive Customer Experience: With real-time tracking, a visual guide, and customization, the WooCommerce Order Progress Bar makes the whole shopping experience positive and enjoyable for your customers.

With these features, the WooCommerce Order Progress Bar becomes a handy tool for online sellers looking to keep things transparent, build trust, and amp up the fun for customers using WooCommerce.

Why Choose It?

The WooCommerce Order Progress Bar plugin is a game-changer for online sellers, and here’s why. First, it’s like a trusty assistant that informs customers about their orders in real time. This plugin ensures they know exactly what’s happening from when they hit the buy button to when the package arrives. This clears up any confusion and makes shopping a positive experience.

But the plugin makes the whole tracking process easy with a progress bar. Think of it as a visual guide that shows customers where their order is at each step. It’s like a map for their package’s journey, making the whole process simple, even for those who aren’t tech-savvy.

And here’s a cool feature: you can give the progress bar a personal touch. Match it with your brand colors and design to keep your online store looking sharp and professional. This enhances your brand and makes the shopping experience more enjoyable.

Plus, the plugin is a time-saver for sellers. Smoothing out the order-tracking process cuts down on customer questions, allowing businesses to use their time more efficiently. This means better customer service and a positive reputation for your online store.

Our products fulfill WordPress standard requirements, including security, quality, performance, and modern coding standards. For this, Envato awarded us the WP Requirements Compliant Badge for our CodeCanyon Portfolio.


Yes, our plugin supports custom order statuses.

Yes, the plugin is compatible with all WooCommerce themes.

Yes, the WooCommerce Order Progress Bar provides real-time updates, ensuring customers stay informed about any changes in their order status, such as processing, shipping, and delivery.

Absolutely, the plugin supports translation into multiple languages, facilitating a seamless experience for international customers. You can easily configure language settings to suit your global audience.


v 1.0.2
Added compatibility with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce.
Resolved security issues.
v 1.0.1
Added compatibility with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce.
Updated license API.
Resolved security issues.
v 1.0.0
Initial Release

5 reviews for WooCommerce Order Progress Bar | Order Tracking

  1. Avatar of nxz89


    One of the fastest support experiences I’ve ever had. The plugin works very well, and with some tweaks, it would be perfect. Keep up the great work!

  2. Avatar of marwygafentw


    Delightful and beautiful plugin! Thank you for the prompt assistance. Anticipating more convenient and beautiful features in the future.

  3. Avatar of MEDIUMM2012


    I encountered an issue with the plugin’s compatibility with the Uncode theme I use. However, the support team resolved it within a few minutes, and now everything is working correctly. Thank you very much.

  4. Avatar of erbuc


    Quick and helpful, even outside of regular hours. Great team!

  5. Avatar of polboonlapo


    The customer support provided here is exceptional for resolving issues and customizing to suit your site’s needs.

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