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Introducing the WooCommerce Customer Tracking plugin is a handy tool that helps online store owners better understand their customers. In the fast-paced world of online shopping, knowing how customers use your website is crucial.

This intelligent plugin goes beyond regular analytics, giving you real-time insights into what customers do on your site, from when they arrive to when they purchase.

The WooCommerce Customer Tracking plugin lets you collect and check out data on which products customers look at, how long they stay on pages, and what products are trending.

This info is like gold for improving your marketing and website and choosing the right products to offer.

Easy to use and fits right into your WooCommerce platform, this plugin helps you get to know your customers better, creating a more personalized and practical online shopping experience.

Stay ahead in the competitive online shopping world by using the insights from the WooCommerce Customer Tracking plugin to make intelligent decisions and keep your customers happy.

Admin End of the WooCommerce Customer Tracking Plugin


Configuration Page

Activate License

To use this plugin, enter the purchase code and email to activate your license.


The admin can enable/disable functionalities for buyers.

Exclude Activities from Tracking

Here, the admin chooses which activities will be prevented from tracking.

Exclude User Roles from Tracking

Here, the admin can choose which user roles will eliminated from tracking.

Exclude Users from Tracking

Admin can specify which users will be eliminated from tracking.

WooCommerce Email Template

Admin can set up Email Templates for the WooCommerce customer tracking notification emails sent to customers.

Email Template


The Activities section allows the admin to view a list of activities logged-in consumers conduct in the store. Many events can be tracked, including loading any website, adding a product to a cart, searching for any product, and applying.

Activities Page

Admin can also send marketing emails to buyers to draw them back to the store.

Send Marketing Mail

Email Notification

The customer will receive the marketing email indicated below.

Customer Email

Customer End of the WooCommerce Customer Tracking Plugin

This plugin allows the admin to track all logged-in customers who undertake any activity on the store. After spending some time, the customers leave. Finally, considering they are currently offline, what are the possibilities for your consumers returning? To encourage engagement, send them marketing emails.


The WooCommerce Customer Tracking plugin offers fantastic features to enhance your understanding of customers and elevate your online store. Let’s break down the distinctive capabilities:

  • Real-Time Tracking: Instantly grasp what customers are doing on your website. This real-time feature keeps you updated on current trends and customer behaviors.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigate effortlessly with a user-friendly design, ensuring simplicity for tech-savvy users and those less familiar with technical intricacies.
  • Seamless Integration with WooCommerce: Effortlessly integrate the plugin into your existing WooCommerce store, avoiding complexities and ensuring a smooth addition to your setup.
  • Comprehensive Customer Journey Analysis: Dive into the details of customer interactions, understanding their journey from the moment they land on your site to completing a purchase. Gain insights into visited pages and product preferences.
  • Product View and Purchase Data: Monitor customer interactions with products, including what they view and purchase. Use this valuable information to align your product offerings with customer preferences.
  • Trending Product Insights: Pinpoint popular and trending products among your customer base. Use this data to plan targeted promotions and enhance the visibility of sought-after items.
  • Responsive Marketing Strategies: Modify marketing strategies on the fly based on real-time customer data. Craft special deals and recommend products to keep customers engaged and drive sales.
  • Personalized Shopping Experience: Use tracking data to personalize the shopping experience. Provide tailored product recommendations, fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Efficient Customer Engagement: Utilize insights for effective customer engagement, addressing concerns or suggesting products. The plugin enhances your ability to connect meaningfully with your audience.
  • Data Security: Prioritize the security of customer data with robust measures in place. The WooCommerce Customer Tracking plugin ensures the secure collection and storage of customer information, instilling trust in your online store.

Why Choose It?

Why go for our WooCommerce Customer Tracking plugin? It helps you get what your customers are up to on your online store. You can see how they move around, what they like, and what they buy, all in real time. Plus, it’s super easy to use and fits into your WooCommerce setup without any tech headaches.

Our plugin gives you the lowdown on what products catch your customers’ eyes and which are hot sellers. This info is like a cheat sheet for improving your website and product offerings. And the best part? You can see all this data as it happens, allowing you to stay on top of trends and keep your strategies sharp.

Not only does our WooCommerce Customer Tracking plugin make your life easier by providing instant insights, but it also helps you make shopping more personal for your customers. By understanding their likes and actions, you can create special deals, suggest products they love, and keep them returning for more.

Our products fulfill WordPress standard requirements, including security, quality, performance, and modern coding standards. For this, Envato awarded us the WP Requirements Compliant Badge for our CodeCanyon Portfolio.


Yes, customer tracking is instrumental in personalized marketing efforts. By analyzing customer preferences, businesses can create targeted marketing campaigns, recommend personalized product suggestions, and deliver a more customized shopping experience, ultimately increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases.

The frequency of reviewing customer tracking data depends on the business's size, goals, and the nature of its products or services. However, regular reviews, ideally monthly or quarterly, are recommended to stay informed about changing customer trends and continuously optimize the online shopping experience.

Absolutely. customer tracking is valuable for small businesses on WooCommerce as it provides insights that can help them compete more effectively. Understanding customer behavior allows small businesses to make informed decisions, improve their offerings, and create a more personalized and engaging shopping environment.


v 1.1.0
Added IP address tracking.
Added auto-delete old activities record functionality.
Added compatibility with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce.
Resolved security issues.
v 1.0.3
Added compatibility with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce.
Resolved security issues.
v 1.0.2
Added compatibility with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce.
Updated license API.
Resolved security issues.
v 1.0.1
Added compatibility with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce.
Resolved the email issue.
Resolved other security issues.
v 1.0.0
Initial Release

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    I’m happy with the plugin. The support service is excellent: they respond promptly to questions and swiftly resolve any issues.

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    The best support, interactive and helpful. I highly recommend their services.

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    The plugin delivers on its promises and performs exceptionally well. Furthermore, if you’re seeking exceptional support, you’re definitely in the right place. DevDiggers is VERY helpful and perhaps the most friendly developers here at CodeCanyon.

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    One of the standout features I offer is accompanied by top-notch customer support as well.

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